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Our listings team excels at creating, listing, and updating your property across various advertising platforms. This encompasses capturing and editing high-quality photos and crafting property-specific descriptions to make your home stand out. After going live, our team diligently monitors all platforms, ensuring timely updates when necessary to maintain optimal visibility.

Guest Support Team

Our Guest Support Team manages all guest-related matters, handling everything from the initial inquiry to the physical check-in and continuous support throughout the stay. Operating 24/7 and proficient in multiple languages, our team ensures the absolute best support for our guests at every step of their journey.

Client Support Team

Our Client Support Team specializes in addressing all host-related matters. Whether assisting with an Owner Stay or explaining a Monthly Statement, the team is readily available to answer any questions. Additionally, they take responsibility for renewing permits and ensuring our Know Your Customer (KYC) information is up to date, providing comprehensive support to property owners.

Admin Support Team

Our in-house photographers capture stunning images of your property, showcasing all views and building amenities. Each photo undergoes meticulous editing to ensure a seamless flow, highlighting the most important features of the property.

Revenue Support Team

Our Revenue Support Team is dedicated to optimizing the revenue of your property. This involves ensuring correct pricing throughout the year, leveraging a dynamic approach that adjusts to demand and supply. The team utilizes a combination of algorithms and manual adjustments to maximize earnings. Additionally, we tailor pricing strategies based on the channel used, such as Airbnb versus Explore more about our pricing strategies for a comprehensive understanding.

Property Management

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Frank & Frank offers world-class Airbnb management services, relieving you of the hassle of renting out your property on Airbnb and similar platforms. Sit back, relax, and count your dirhams with confidence.


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